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Underwater Windows is an innovative company with years of experience in producing and installing high quality underwater windows for your pool, zoos or other applications under water.

In addition, we have our own way of creating water resistant products. The user does not have to worry and can enjoy a completely waterproof product. These sealed units are fully tested and certified by external companies. Our products are equipped with their own brand name and are chlorine and salt resistant. In addition, the products of Underwater Windows are fully tested for underwater usage and don't affect the organic life large aquariums. Underwater windows has its own team of specialists who are working over the world and are fully certified in the field of placing and editing acrylate. We deliver standard windows up to a length of 7500 mm x 2800 mm, if the client desires a greater size then we can glue these in our special workshop or on location. This all makes underwater windows so flexible for your needs.


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Beautiful Marbella

In association with 123DV Modern Villas we realized this infinity pool. The three-side acrylic windows have a height of 80 cm and are 5 meter wide.

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Acrylic products

At Underwater Windows we have a wide range of acrylic products. The most common you can see beneath. We can also supply curved and angled acrylic windows.

Acrylic windows

These acrylic windows are attached to three side of the pool, while the top is unsupported. The Standard lengths are up to 7800 mm x 3000 mm.

ACRYLIC windows

Rectangular acrylic windows provide a special effect for your swimming pool. By default, to a length of 7800 mm x 3000 mm.

round acrylic Underwater windows

Round underwater windows are very popular for observation during swimming and diving lessons. Standard to a diameter of 3000 mm.

Special Acrylic Windows

Windows in corner connection, long overflown or arched windows to any desired length provided that the application allows it. These windows are chemically glued together by us in the workplace or on location. This bonding is transparent and becomes full flat polished so you can barely see it.

to  length
of 3000 mm
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Our windows are calculated based on the depth of water where it is assembled, we always take into account for which application it is, think of zoos or bottom windows that receive extra pressure from the weight of people or animals.

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Acryliic versus glass

While they look almost the same, Acrylic has many advantages over glass. Once you read the differences you’ll wonder why you would ever use glass underwater view windows:

  • Acrylic is approximately 25 times stronger & 63% lighter than normal glass.
  • Acrylic is more impact resistant and is more safer than glass on impact.
  • Acrylic is brighter than glass, glass has green looks.
  • Acrylic has more heat retention than glass.
  • Acrylic is far more versatile than glass, with our technology and experience of bonding, thermoforming and annealing acrylic panels – acrylic offers limitless design potential.
  • Acrylic is very easy to repair if scratched, glass is not.
  • Acrylic chemical resistant.
  • Acrylic is full cast and has no layers as laminated glass.

The thickness of Acrylic can range from 20mm- 700mm. according to the depth of the windows and pressure.

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Our team is certified by the Dutch professional diving industry, these certificates are known worldwide in the underwater works. Special machinery is used that use air instead, so no oils can pollute the water.

Dirt is directly suctioned to keep the water clean. All products we use underwater are tested to prevent any harm to animals or plants and are completely environmentally friendly. Air bubbles coming from the machine are immediately suctioned back through a special pipe to prevent them from stressing out animals.


  • Acrylic with 30 years warranty, and specifically designed for use underwater.
  • Full cast blocks without lamination.
  • Flexible for all applications and sizes.
  • Obtainable in any color you desire.
  • Quality and craftsmanship.
  • We are active worldwide.
  • In home design studio (3D)

Underwater windows
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