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Underwater Windows
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Underwater Windows is an innovative company with years of experience in producing and installing high quality underwater windows for your pool, zoos or other applications under water.

In addition, we have our own way of creating water resistant products. The user does not have to worry and can enjoy a completely waterproof product. These sealed units are fully tested and certified by external companies. Our products are equipped with their own brand name and are chlorine and salt resistant. In addition, the products of Underwater Windows are fully tested for underwater usage and don’t affect the organic life large aquariums. Underwater windows has its own team of specialists who are working over the world and are fully certified in the field of placing and editing acrylate. We deliver standard windows up to a length of 7500 mm x 2800 mm, if the client desires a greater size then we can glue these in our special workshop or on location. This all makes underwater windows so flexible for your needs.

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Underwater Windows
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